[1.]  “Together or Apart? On Joint versus Separate Electoral Accountability  

[Journal of Politics, 2016].  

[2.]  "Electoral Control and the Human Capital of Politicians" (with Carlo Prato) 

[Games and Economic Behavior, 2016]

[3.]  “Dynamics of Policymaking: Stepping Back to Leap Forward, Stepping Forward to Keep Back”  (with Dan Bernhardt) 

[American Journal of Political Science, 2017]

[4.]  “Electoral Competition with Entry under Non-Majoritarian Run-off Rules’’  

[Games and Economic Behavior, 2017]

[5.]  “Reelection and Renegotiation: International Agreements in the Shadow of the Polls” (with Dan Bernhardt) 

[American Political Science Review, 2018]

[6.]  “Crashing the Party? Elites, Outsiders and Elections”(with Richard van Weelden)

[Revise and Resubmit, American Journal of Political Science]

[7.]  “The Race to the Base’’(with Sinem Hidir and Dan Bernhardt) Winner of the “Best Paper” Award at the Great Lakes Political Economy Theory Conference 2018

[Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review]

[8.]  “Competing Principals? Legislative Representation in List PR Electoral Systems”(with Carlo Prato)


[9.]  Making Elections Work: Accountability with Selection and Control’(with Vincent Anesi)

[FIRST DRAFT: 1/30/19]

[10.]  “Party Nomination Strategies in Closed and Flexible List PR’’ with Olle Folke,  Carlo Prato, and Johanna Rickne ) A previous version won the “CQ Press Award” for best paper on legislative studies at APSA 2017

[Latest: 9/18/18]

[11.]  “Legislative Representation in Multi-Member Districts’’(with Carlo Prato)

[Coming soon]

[12.]  “Voter Engagement and Policy Divergence’’(with Avidit Acharya and Adam Meirowitz)

[In Progress]